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Fully Customized Inspection Solutions
Molded Rubber, Metal, Wood, Etc.
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Automated Robotic Depalletizing


Visionetic is a pioneering leader in 3D machine vision

Visionetic has a solid reputation for solving the most challenging machine vision problems. Using a variety of 3D imaging technologies, Visionetic can design a custom machine vision solution to inspect virtually any item. Most of the technologies we use allow for extraordinarily accurate, high-speed inspection of your products.  Whether it’s doing detailed, 3D scanning of railroad crossties at 30 mph, inspecting 160,000 pills per hour, or inspecting every square millimeter of a carbon fiber commercial airliner, Visionetic has done it all.
3D Circuit Board Inspection
3D Pill Inspection
Black/Dark Molded Rubber Inspection
High-speed Wood/Concrete Railroad Tie Grading
Nuclear Waste Storage Inspection
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